SDS#27 - Une chambre en ville / A room in the city

Œuvres de Renaud Bézy, Emmanuel Hervé, Camille Mollier, Moussa Sarr, Roxane Borujerdi, Radu Comșa, J. Duplo, Marieva Gastaut, Ana Mazzei, Jonathan Monk, Sophie Nys, Peter Robinson, Derek Sullivan, Tina & Charly...

Une chambre en ville / A room in the city is an exhibition project - with the artist Renaud Bézy - which takes place in one of the three rooms for rent surrounding the double exhibition space of Salon du Salon, project space.
The months of October, November, December 2020 and the year 2021 will be dedicated to welcoming new resident artists who will take possession of the other two rooms with a proposal for their installation and display.
The works, books, objects and furniture on display are available for purchase on site and a catalogue is available on request:
No mask is required for the visitor to enjoy the exhibition thus deployed in the private space (maximum 2 people per room) and visible 24 hours a day.  

Salon du Salon
Jusqu'au 21/02 - Sur RDV au 06 50 00 34 51 ou à
Entrée libre
21 avenue du Prado
13006 Marseille
06 50 00 34 51